Indianapolis, IN Pipeworks Organ

Marceau Pipe Organ Builders Opus 18

Marceau Pipe Organ Builders Opus XIX, 2001

8' Gedeckt
4' Principal
2' Flute

Marceau Pipe Organ Builders has built two nearly identical three stop mechanical action organs with pulldown pedal designed primarily to be used as instruments for demonstration and education. The case is in two sections so it can be separated for easy transport and reassembly. There are plexiglass panels and doors so the mechanism can be seen in action. A unique feature is transposable pitch, so that by a slight adjustment of the keyboard the organ can play at either standard A=440, or slightly lower A=415. Cone tuning and leather stoppers minimize the need for tuning after moves.

Both instruments contain an 8' Gedeckt. The Indianapolis organ has a 4' Principal which forms the facade and a 2' Flute. The manual compass is 49 notes and the pulldown pedal is 25 notes from a flat, easily removable pedalboard. Winding is provided by a hand-pumped wedge bellows, or an alternative quiet electric blower.

Inquiries are welcome if your school or AGO Chapter would like such an instrument.

opus 19 facade pipes

opus 19 stop jams


Hear Marceau Opus VII

Hear Marceau Opus VII as featured on PipeDreams in a performance by Barbara Harbach.

listen-icon-smListen to excerpt #1.
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See the shop in action

The shop, crew, and Opus IV, were the focus of a feature at Seattle Refined.

Read the article, and watch the video, here.

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